Elevating the experience of your design system

An open, honest talk on the impact a Design System has on the people, process, and product.

Jess Clark
Senior Manager Design Systems
Mariah Muscato
Growth Product Designer
Jess Clark
Senior Manager Design Systems
Jess Clark
Senior Manager Design Systems
September 26, 2019
11:00 am
Location to be confirmed
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About This Talk

Modern design systems are moving from a catalogue of parts to the infrastructure of the end-to-end designer workflow. Designing the experience your users have with the system is just as critical as the parts you provide. At LinkedIn, we’re refocusing on our user, product designers, and elevating how we approach our work. It’s the tone we use, the guidance we write, the tools we build, and the collaboration we support. Tune in for an open, honest, (and hopefully fun) talk about our ongoing journey to empower teams to create their best work.


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