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You’ve already convinced your stakeholders it’s important, you’ve made the system, and you’ve gotten part of your org (trusted testers!) to try it out. Maybe even the entire org is using it. But design/tech debt creeps in. Company is growing. People weren’t part of the initial exciting push to adopt a design system. You need to *gasp* refactor or replatform. Or you just need a big UI refresh, but now that the design system is in place, redesigning an app or family of apps looks really different. You are juggling a central design system team + product design teams. Everyone wants to progress and move forward, which may look really different for a design system designer vs. a product designer. What next?

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Join design and engineers leaders to discuss strategies and techniques to elevate your product development process and design system. You’ll have the mental space to look at your opportunities and challenges in new ways and from new perspectives.

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Extremely grateful for the companies that support our efforts in providing educational support for design leaders. Many thanks to our sponsors for the event!

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