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Sit down for 20 minutes with design leaders, ask questions, share your work, talk design systems, or get tailored advice. Core to this initiative is encouraging more positive role models for women, and underrepresented groups across all functions in the design & engineering industry. We are creating a dialog between women in design and design leaders to help women and underrepresented groups progress in their careers. 

Mentorship Schedule: 11:15am - 1:30pm

Program open only for attendees who already have a ticket for the full event. 

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Allison Shaw

Sr. Product Designer, Design Systems at Zendesk

Allison Shaw is a senior product designer at Zendesk, heading up the company’s design system. After 10 years of experience across a broad range of industries, Allison developed a knack for shipping consumer products with major impact for both customers and bottom lines.

She loves learning about user and business needs, identifying unique opportunities, designing systems, and collaborating with product and engineering partners to craft the best possible experiences. More than anything, she is passionate about making technology that works for people and meaningfully impacts their lives.

Talk with Allison about:  

  • Design Systems
  • Accessibility & Inclusivity



Ian Oliver

Design Manager at Zendesk

Ian Oliver manages the Shared Services design team at Zendesk, where his focus is on connecting and empowering their suite of products in the name of better customer relationships. A diverse background including agency and smaller product teams has given Ian a unique perspective and flexible approach to collaborating across functions.

Whether it's org-level planning, team process design, or the most granular aspects of a single interface, he is always first and foremost an advocate for the humans on the other end.

Talk with Ian about:

  • Team Design
  • Career Growth
  • Systems Thinking
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LisaMarie  Kelly

UX Designer, Design Systems LinkedIn

Lisamarie Kelly is currently a UX Designer at LinkedIn on their Design Systems team. She has bounced between design and engineering over the past few years and has a passion for improving collaboration between the two.

Lisamarie kicked off her design career after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, largely working in print. Determined to give her designs a bigger and better life; she gravitated towards the web. She believes understanding roles surrounding your own helps to create better team dynamics, leading  to better products.

Talk with Lisamarie about:

  • Engineering &
  • Documentation

Harrison Wheeler

Design Lead at LinkedIn

Harrison Wheeler is a Silicon Valley-based designer with roots in the Midwest. As a Lead Designer on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solution Team, he works to discover innovative ways for advertisers to reach it’s more than 500 million members.

Previously, Harrison served as the head of design at Base CRM where he was responsible for crafting a vision both for his team and Base’s 7,000+ customers.

He strives to communicate complex design ideas while balancing business goals to both technical and non-technical audiences and ensure that products are as effective as they are beautiful.

Talk with Harrison about:

  • Design Systems
  • Startups
  • Career Advice
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