Day 1
9:30 am

Designing accessible digital products - Workshop

A full day workshop. Get hands-on experience with inclusive design workflows and techniques, as well as access to individualized coaching from the instructor

Day 2 - Conference
9:00 am

How we got 3000 designers to use Material Design

What makes design system adoption both launch and stick in a giant organization

Day 2 - Conference
10:00 am

How we work together

The process that emerges from decisions, conversations, and concessions between engineers and designers as they build the system together.

Day 2 - Conference
11:00 am

Elevating the experience of your design system

An open, honest talk on the impact a Design System has on the people, process, and product.

Day 2 - Conference
1:30 pm

How to know when you’ve outgrown your design system

Recalibrating your true North. Evolving design systems to become more inclusive, more robust, and less fragile than ever before.

Day 2 - Conference
2:30 pm

Cultivating co-ownership of your design system

Strategies and tools to gain widespread adoption across hundreds of designers and developers in two countries.


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