June 12th

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Building a Design System Architecture That Scales

Join us for an open conversation about creating and maintaining a coherent design system that can scale with the growing business and teams. Hear how companies like Airbnb, Lyft, GitHub, Figma, Google, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, or Stripe approach developing, cohesive and consistent systems inside their companies and optimize processes to keep their design and engineering teams aligned. 


Keynote Speakers


Our speakers provide perspective on the practice of product design, how to navigate the unknown, and build processes and systems that make you a better design leader.

Design Systems Manager, GitHub     @broccolini  

Design Systems Manager, GitHub


Design Lead, Airbnb     @karrisaarinen

Design Lead, Airbnb


Product Designer, Pinterest     @joeyzing

Product Designer, Pinterest


Design Manager, Lyft     @lindadong

Design Manager, Lyft


Interaction Designer, Google     @jjjjesslee

Interaction Designer, Google


Design Manager, Figma     @nlevin

Design Manager, Figma


Design Technologist, SurveyMonkey     @miked1ck

Design Technologist, SurveyMonkey


Head of Design, Stripe     @malthe

Head of Design, Stripe


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LinkedIn HQ, 222 2nd Street, San Francisco

Be sure to reserve your spot to be part of this important conversation! 


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